key conceptsWelcome to my website…

My name is Julie Francis, I’m a Website Consultant working on Central Coast

As a Central Coast Website Consultant I use WordPress to make my client websites. I make facebook pages,  and create other social media profiles, and promote a business using any website property that is appropriate.

I like to help make websites that are functional and useful, that showcase what someone does or that makes it possible for a client and a business owner to interact. A takeaway store that wants to take orders from the web, a winery that wants to have an email list of clients to contact when the time is right, a band that wants to let their followers know where and when their next gig is.

I don’t enjoy reading business speak so I don’t enjoy writing it, people like to enjoy reading. I like websites with a sense of whimsy, with a touch of colour that is more than basic black, white, grey and blue. I like websites that tell a story and have pictures and videos and plans and case histories.

I like websites that interact with the web, that link to a facebook page, and a twitter feed, and they come up when people search for them using Yahoo or Google or MSN. I like websites you can subscribe to so I get an email to say when there are new articles to read. I like websites that tell me things I don’t know and keep me up to date with my industries news.

These websites need updating regularly. I do a lot of that for other people, so although I do ok with my own personal websites, sometimes when I’m busy they don’t get updated often  – that’s like trades who don’t have time to fix their own houses! This is ok, a website grows, adapts, improves and sometimes stutters, a website is a creation that builds up over time and changes as it needs.

What Can Owning A Website Do For A Business?

  • A website is a cost effective advertising tool for getting leads and reducing advertising costs.
  • A website is a brochure that requires no employee to be posting out documents, it just works 24/7 simply by being there.
  • A website is a publishing tool for offering fully illustrated information, history, anecdotes and news, with audio and video and interactive games.
  • A website is a means to get in touch, all over the world, with people in far flung countries, people you may never meet in real life you can chat with them daily through your website.
  • A website is a place to get up on the soapbox and tell the world who you are, what you think, and what you had for breakfast if you wish.
  • A website works for business – it gets new customers and helps you keep the customers you have.

What Can’t A Website Do?

  • A website can’t write itself, take its own photos, make its own videos, consult a lawyer for disclosure documents, or get uploaded to the web by itself
  • A website doesn’t have ideas about presentation or content, it has no knowledge about how to structure itself, it has the tools to format itself, but it has no way to tell a good design from a bad one.
  • A website won’t put itself out there and promote itself or make any connections with anyone or any other website. People do all of that and it takes time and thought.

That’s why you need someone like me.

What can a webmaster do for you?

  • I can host your website or use a host and domain name you have already
  • I can design the theme colours, layout and navigation elements of your website
  • I can advise you on content and maintain your website. I can write for your website.
  • I can make working forms, such as quotes, so your clients can interact with you via email
  • I can create headers and logos. I can resize and crop your portfolio images for the web
  • I can make images, slideshows, videos and audio files work on the web
  • I can redo or redesign an existing website converting it into a wordpress website

I use a CMS called WordPress to make my websites because I know that then YOU will also be able to edit them. If you don’t ever want to edit your website, you don’t have to, but it’s nice to have the option to. A website should be a tool, something you own and can use, not something you have to totally depend on your webmaster to edit.

What can a website consultant do for you?

The success of a website is often in the amount of promotion that is done for it. For most local business servicing a small area, this may be relatively simple. For a business with many competitors in an area, or covering a larger location area, it gets more complex. As a consultant I would assess specific search terms people may use to find your type of business. Promotion is then a process of choosing appropriate website properties to promote the website in a variety of different ways. These may include

  • Claiming various profiles that are already there on citation websites
  • Ensuring content is optimised for search engines to index and rank it well
  • Creating a Social media presence at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc
  • A mobile website to service people who can only see your website on a phone.

Contact Me

If you have a website already, I do free website appraisals if you think you might need updating. We have many tools now that we can use to attract new clients, that were not available even two years ago.

I live on the Central Coast in NSW Australia but I can create a website for anyone. If you live somewhere else it can be done from emailed/dropboxed  documents and by talking on the phone or chatting on skype.

Send me an enquiry email by clicking on the Contact Us button (floating on the left – just click on it) and I’ll call or email you back asap. If you want me to call you leave a phone number and type “website enquiry” in there somewhere. If you use skype send me your skype id and “website enquiry”.

No obligation, we’ll just have a chat and see what I can do for you. Ask for a free website appraisal if you’d like one. Ask for more information about a topic and I’ll send a report through to you. If you already know what you want, ask me to send the documents to fill out that collect the information we need to make your website.

I look forward to talking, making new friends and helping people achieve a successful working website.