I have been under a lot of stress in the last few years, and although I was never able to say which came first (like the chicken and egg) I got sick. Being chronically ill appeared to put even further stress on me and I admit I went under there for a while. I was struggling to come to terms with a new gluten and dairy free diet, with Hashimotos hypothyroidism which left me weak, with pain, and made me very tired. This also had an impact on the income I make which was another struggle

I was in a BAD place.

Oddly enough a Google employee tugged me from this mental bad place back to a somewhat shaky version of beautiful zen mindfulness that was almost second nature in my early twenties.

Chade-Meng Tan has written a book called Search Inside Yourself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (and World Peace) (which I would like to read very soon).

Because of the book, he made a video interview.

Below is the video of the interview with Meng that helped me get out of that bad place. It’s about an hour long and I watched it all . Perhaps because I suddenly realized that Google is (doing, making) what so many of my generation always hoped would happen.

I was in my last years of school when milk cartons featured “make love not war” on them as a slogan and a daisy flower as a logo. We campaigned against nuclear and went green, planting trees, saving whales and hugging trees to keep our forests. We had our families and our children grew up. We wondered when we were going to make a difference. Then suddenly we realize that we already had – it had happened so gradually, we didn’t notice. Lets face it though, nothing will ever totally topple “greed”.

World Peace One

World Peace One (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mindfulness, Meta Meditation, Meng & World Peace

Meng is after World Peace (and lots of book sales :-)).

He’s not into hugging trees but his message is pure zen with the truthful & perfectly acceptable bait of success.

Win – Win for this generation I think.

For me, starting to feel my age somewhat, Mengs timely reminder stabilised my whirling world and brought me some peace. My attitude is gradually leaning back toward positive and I am beginning to accept what I was no doubt both angry and in denial about.

That is the power of mindfulness.

Simple attention to breath calms you. Awareness of the now centers you. Active projection of kindness makes the World a better place that’s worth living in. Sooth the amygdala¬† and fell happy.

Heart & Humour & Humility.

That’s a Joni Mitchell phrase btw – “heart and humour and humility (he said) will lighten up your heavy load…” (from refuge of the roads) A timely reminder…

I rather like Mengs Mantra as well

The final practice is a mantra I created for myself that summarizes many of my practices. The mantra is, “Love them, understand them, forgive them, grow with them”. Whenever I find myself in a difficult situation involving other people, I would silently repeat the mantra to myself. I found that it works especially well with children and bosses.

I discovered Meng after reading this article about Search Inside Yourself

I always loved Google’s slogan “Don’t be evil”. Think I’ll watch a few more Google Videos and SIYLI

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