A website is wonderful but a waste of your investment of time and money if no one see it. It is just like a box of brochures that just came from the printers, full of unrealized potential. So to get visitors and readers and customers and clients to come to your domain – you’ll need some easy to do ideas to promote your website.

First off I want to say to you though, DON”T BE SHY! You don’t want to be online AND invisible.


  1. Tell People About Your WebsiteDuh! It sounds obvious but not all of us are out there comfortably blowing our own horn.

    Most of us are shy little bunnies who don’t want to bother people. Well if you can’t sell your business verbally because it makes you feel pushy, you can easily do some passive selling.Get business cards printed, stickers, flyers, and stationary and also set up a signature in your email with your website url in it. When you’re talking to friends tell them you had a new business card made – they’ll quickly take a handful to pass on, if they are real friends. Stick a sticker on every family members car and anyone elses who will allow it.

    Find the public noticeboards in the local shopping centres and community centres and pin up some flyers. When you go somewhere new drop a few flyers or business cards in the post boxes up and down the street – you never know.  Attach that email signature to every email that goes out. Start looking for funny emails you can pass on.

    Its all good passive advertising that you don’t need to be shy about.

  2. Tell Your Online Friends About Your WebsiteThis is another thing people often don’t do, because they are too shy, or perhaps because they don’t know how. If you are a member of Facebook then post a link to your website where you write your “about me” description. Better yet create a Facebook page and link to it.

    Google Plus is another great way to have an online personal and business profile hub . This one also clarifies to Google’s search engine exactly what your business is about and who and where you can be found. For business networking Linked In is the top for a professional Business Profile Page.

    All three social networking websites give you the opportunity to import your email address book and find friends and acquaintances who have already joined up. You can also choose to invite people to join, or simply uncheck them before sending, if you don’t want to bother them.

    People are now beginning to expect you to get in contact this way, so treach out and have virtual friends.

    The best strategy is to spend a little time creating a few resume type paragraphs to describe your business or website and getting a profile picture ready (which should be quite small, a .jpg about 150px square.) Then when you are asked to enter or submit  these – you won’t stall and back out and not get this part done. Its worth it!

  3. Spread Your Links Like Signposts 

    Whether you write advertorials for offline magazines or articles for online ezine websites, the idea is to promote and tell people about your website. You can do this is different ways, by submitting your link to directories or by buying advertising such as Adwords (appears on Search Pages) or Adsense (appears on other people’s websites).The more links that point to your website, the more people you will get to visit it. You should often use your main keyword in anchor text (that is the blue wording over the link rather than the hyperlink itself). You should also write some relevant enticing phrases as anchor text, things that will get people to click your link. Coupons for discounts work if you are selling things, and anything that makes people curious is effective.


    Olympics 2012

    Link to news articles if you publish them and stay on top of trends for ideas – the London Olympics will be a big one coming up in July. Local events may also interest your audience, tips on how to do things may entice some visitors, anything new is interesting and especially so if it is opinionated. People love a hot debate.

All Promotion is Good Promotion

How you promote your website doesn’t really matter at first, but it’s imperative that you DO promote. There is no such thing as bad promotion (well… other than really bad reviews). Over time your website may change and grow, but all the strategies you attempt to implement now have a residual effect that will keep visitors trickling in for months afterwards.

For example, those business cards your friend took, they sat in her bag for months until she got asked if she knew someone who _______ and that’s when she pulled them out and said “YES I DO!” 🙂

Word of mouth is the best promotion you can get. So put your thinking cap on and brainstorm other ways to get people talking about your website. Listen to feedback carefully. No need to sway with every breeze but if the prevailing wind is indicating one particular direction you should take, then go with it and make any changes needed. After all, when you please the customer, they’ll return for more.

P.S. If you have ideas to promote your website you’d like to share with other readers, please write a comment – don’t be shy now! You get a free link to your website when you do that you know, and you have a tip or an opinion on show for a long time! Blog commenting is a small way to promote your website, but they all add up.

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