Brochure Website  WordPress or HTML?

Maintaining a professional brochure website is inexpensive and unlike paper versions, it requires no printing or distribution costs. It is easy to update with small changes, and is available 24/7 without waking you up in the middle of the night or requiring you to pay an employee to answer questions.

A website promotes stability for your business. You can move or change your physical business location but your website always displays the current one, unlike online directories which date nothing. The website can help people find you in your new place, even if you only moved last week.

If all your website has is your name, your company name, your business address, your phone number and your email address, and a picture that reflects your business… you are still better off than a person with no website.

Brochure website HTML or brochure website WordPress? They are both excellent choices. But each have their pluses or minuses. The main difference is when you ask yourself whether or not you want to edit your own website.

When HTML has an advantage for brochure websites.

For people who want a hands off website, HTML is a set it and forget it choice that is fast to load, and looks great with a few small pictures. The smaller it is, the neater it is, the faster it is and the cheaper it is!

For a business that wants to create their website and show all their details in one quick project, get it published and get on with business. HTML is the go. HTML is also better for mobile websites, as people browsing on phones may have limited internet plans and a fast low resolution website which just gives them the details they need (address, map, phone). This is appreciated, even if subliminally.

When WordPress has an advantage for brochure websites.

I heart WordPressFor anyone who feels they want to make regular changes to a website, even if it’s a coupon they wish to change every week, then WordPress has the advantage.

A business owner can use their browser to update their own brochure website.

HTML websites need to be updated by FTP and you need to take care to leave the HTML tags in place when editing it.

Although more complex functions, such as contact forms, video and audio display, and picture galleries can be made with HTML, if websites are to be updated and added to, and if new articles need publishing, and comments are wanted, then a content management system like WordPress becomes more and more preferable, even for a small 5 page brochure website.

People do get concerned when it’s suggested that they can edit and update their website themselves, but it’s very easy with WordPress, and after they have done it once, their nerves disappear very quickly.


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