Central Coast Eartquake 16 hours ago

Did the Earth Move?

The last and in fact the ONLY earthquake I ever experienced was the one that devastated Newcastle in 92 – 93. I lived in Manly then and I was standing in the sun room of our flat on Eurobin Avenue when the shelves on the walls shuddered, like a shiver went through them. Then the crockery on the table rattled a bit for a while like the table had just developed the shakes. It happened two or three times and  afterward I wondered if I’d imagined it – until I saw what other people experienced on the news.

GOSFORD, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 13:  A surfer watch...

GOSFORD, AUSTRALIA – APRIL 13: A surfer watches as the HMAS Adelaide is scuttled off the coast of Avoca Beach to create an artifical reef. (Getty Images via @daylife)

So yesterday apparently the Central Coast had an earthquake. Now I’m not saying that I want to experience an earthquake, because really I don’t, that would be crazy. But if one is going to happen, an earthquake big enough to measure, I’d like to at least notice it if the Earth moves. I must be getting too old!

Maybe a surfer noticed it.

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