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"updating the website from work"

"updating the website from work" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you make a new website the first thing to get started on are website ideas for domain names. So start brainstorming with your close friends and family and make a big list. The one thing you can be certain of is that the really good ones you think of will already be taken!

If you have the time and energy, throw a domain name party. Ask your friends as many or as few as you choose, have a meal together or a few drinks, play some music and ask them to spend an hour or so thinking up names.

Qualities for domain names

  1. as short as practically possible
  2. both memorable and spellable
  3. a keyword to be search associated with website
  4. an extension that is appropriate
  5. generally no hyphens
  6. don’t combine two words that make another “bad” word

So much depends on what the website is for, that it is hard to generalize even for ideas. The two first qualities on the list are practical and apply to all domain names however. People have two ways to find your website. They can Google a search term or they can type in your domain address in their browser.

If they are typing your domain name, the domain name should be obvious to spell, try not to pick a domain name that you have to spell out for every person you say it to. Pick a memorable domain name if you can, both familiar but different enough to stick in the mind. Make it as short as possible because a lot of people still don’t type easily.

If you are providing a service with a keyword name such takeaway or carpenter or dentist, adding this word to to your domain name makes it clear what the focus of your website is and aids in search queries.

Domain Name Extensions

Domain Name Extensions (The Booklight)

Lastly a dot com extension is generally the best to have unless there are reasons to have different extensions.

Reasons would normally be an .org (not for profit)  .edu (education institution) or .gov (government department). Having your country extension is good if your website only serves a local community. For example a is suitable for shopping or service sites, but a musician or an artist may be better off choosing a .com extension to reach a wider market.

Hyphens and underscores are used as dividers but this is something best left in page titles, not in domain names. Occasionally if the right combination of words is important a hyphen is ok, but generally, better not.

Word combination ideas for website domain names

As I said earlier the most frustrating part of choosing a domain name is that the obvious ones are all taken. If you have a personal or company name you want to register, that is double hard to take if you can’t get it. However, spelling aside, combining a word with what you want may solve the problem.

A great tool that I often use for this is Wordoid because it has website name ideas I never would have thought of and it only presents available domain names. That saves me a lot of time. The best way to use it is to put a single or pair of words that you want in the domain name and give it a spin, then adjust the number of letters to narrow or widen your options.

Be very careful before registering your word combinations. Sometimes two words combine into another word with unfortunate associations. The domain name is the classic example of this type of boo-boo. “The rapists finder dot com” was not their intention for this domain name at all.

Ideas for Word Combinations

website ideas

website ideas (Sean MacEntee)

Assume your name is Jane and you make jewelery – might be a good combination. If you have a local business in storyville as a plumber – is fine, but it may be going overboard to go with something like Its getting a bit long and every letter in the domain name is another chance for people to get it wrong.

For a short domain name under ten letters, our jeweler might like to have but be unable to purchase this. The words the, a, an, new, may make this name available. To make a memorable domain name you might add a colour word like or or perhaps an adjective like, or chicjewels. A thesaurus is very useful to spark ideas for adjectives.

Sometimes the easiest domain name is a completely made up one like or, or an acronym that is the first letters of a business name. You won’t get any additional search benefit from a name like this, but the domain name is only about 10% of the search engine algorithm. If you advertise and get links to your new domain name it will have as much chance as any other domain name to succeed.

Registering A Domain Name

Thinking up website ideas for domain names can take a while, so start working on domain name ideas as soon as you decide to make a website. If you want to see if domain names are available, use wordoid.

When you know exactly which domain name you want and are ready to purchase it, the following registrars are my preferred choices. Both are competitive on price, and have an easy member interface to point the domain name to your chosen hosting account.

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