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Part of any website promotional strategy these days is social media website integration. The following social media websites are the top 6 to choose from. Integration consists of having a page on the social media website where you gradually build a community, and of sharing your content from each of the profiles to and from your own website. In the sidebar you will make it easy to follow you on these social media sites and on your articles you’ll make it easy to share them. The best effect for a business is to have similar graphics on each social media profile to brand your business and make it memorable.

You don’t need them all, perhaps only one will do, it depends on you. Better to do one well than spread yourself thin over 6.

What is a Facebook Business page?

A Facebook business page is a Facebook page developed to specifically suit the needs of a business or organization. It lets you post photographs, contact details, information, and updates about your products and services. Facebook users that choose to become ‘fans’ of your page can interact with your business page by adding their own comments and using the ‘like’ function. Facebook business pages, a new alternative to Facebook’s standard profile page, are one of the most valuable advertising platforms available. Setting up a business page allows you to build a closer relationship with your customers, and it gives your company access to advertise within the world’s largest social network.

What Is Google Plus Local?

Google created Google Plus Local as a way to combine its search engine, social networking, and business directory features. Google Plus Local’s primary use is to allow customers to search out and find detailed information on local restaurants, shops, and other services.

However, by taking advantage of this popular tool, businesses can use their page as an effective advertising platform.When you set up your company’s Google Plus Local page, you can include maps, contact details, photographs, and other important information. From then on, your customers can use the page to rate your company, write reviews, and add photos. Your page will visible in Google search results and on Google maps.


What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network for businesses and professionals. Despite being a year older than Facebook and boasting two million users, the website is less well known than other social networking sites.

By creating a business page at LinkedIn, companies are developing their brand awareness. TheĀ  website has become a site where professionals can find work, find employees, connect with like minded people in the same or related sectors and to pool resources. LinkedIn also offers a broad range of targeted advertising and marketing options.


What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows people to ‘pins’ images of things that interest them from around the internet. People create their own pinboards on subjects like fashion, decoration, crafts, and cooking. Pins can be images of anything including graphics, photographs, products, and brands.

Users can interact with each other by following a person, liking a pin or pinboard, or re-pinning an image. Some large online stores are now using the site as a virtual store front. On a smaller scale, local businesses can utilize this platform to spread images and information.

It is particularly valuable for art or design based trades, but any business that can produce interesting images of their products or skills can benefit. Restaurants, manufacturers, shops, charities, and service providers are all able to use the site successfully.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a Global chat system that has been described as sitting in a busy coffee shop and eavesdropping on people’s conversations. More than any other social website it is today’s news and gossip – so current is really important, it is about who is following you and whose news you are interested in.

This micro blogging social media website allows you 140 characters to say something, enough to enter a short quote and a link to an article, to ask a question or to reply to someone in a conversation. As a means of talking to a community and promoting something fast, it’s essential. A twitter feed is also useful content for sharing.

What is YouTube?

People who have only watched videos on YouTube often don’t realise that it is more than just a website to watch silly videos, it is one of the most powerful social media websites as well. When you join YouTube you have the option to comment on videos and upload your own, but you also have the option to follow “channels” and create favourite lists which can be shared with your own followers.

Having your own branded channel as a business or service is your means of using fast video streaming to get your message across to new clients, and content made easy to embed on your own website ( and on Facebook & Google+). Start to build a community on YouTube and share your videos.


What’s the Last Step?

You of course! All the social media websites need your website to integrate to, so you need a website that can handle that easily. We use WordPress for our clients, but most content management systems can handle it easily and people can write a script to integrate with html websites. Show off your badges and your communities, share your content and join the merry-go-round of being social online.



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