Central Coast Professional LinkedIn Group logo competitionThe Central Coast Professionals LinkedIn group need a logo. At our last meeting we thought it was a good idea to throw this open to any group members who have design capabilities. As we are a not for profit group all we have to offer in payment, is a credit for the work (on the website that’s coming) and some exposure on LinkedIn while we run this small competition. If any group member wishes to offer a prize to sponsor the competition please contact Kymn.

Central Coast Professionals
Logo Competition

First you don’t have to be a professional designer to enter the competition, at the first stage we are open to all ideas and images.

You do need to be a Central Coast Professionals LinkedIn group member . If you are not already a group member join LinkedIn and then search groups for Central Coast Professionals .

You also need to be a local Central Coast business owner and have an original design you have created.

The logo will be licensed to be used on the Central Coast Professionals website and on any related websites such as on the LinkedIn group itself, and any other website we may integrate, and in any print advertising we may choose to use to advertise the group in the future.

If you are interested but need a bit more information about logos here are a few articles that might help.

What Makes A Good Logo

12 Essential Rules In Logo Design

10 Common Mistakes in Logo Design


Below here is a form where you can upload a design entry.

  1. Acceptable image formats are limited to jpg, png, gif .
  2. Typically a logo should stay below 80 pixels in height and below 150 pixels in width.
  3. Maximum image size accepted 300 width x 150 height (pixels)
  4. 2MB file size (Recommended size no larger than 50KB to ensure quick page loading)

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)


Upload a File

Add the text you want displayed as designer credit

Below this is a comment box where you can ask questions or comment on the competition or designs as we proceed. We havn’t gone so far yet as to work out how we’ll judge entries until we see how many entries we get!¬† Any ideas on this are welcome…

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