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Your reason for making a website generally defines the topic of it, but your personality with it’s unique likes and dislikes are the best place to start if you want new website topic ideas. A website needs articles or images or videos – that is some form of content. So the best topic for you is the one you know how to write about.

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If you love movies, write movie reviews and help people discover some new movies they have not seen. If you love games, create a website about one game you love or about new games. Give tips and resources to your visitors.

If you enjoy music, introduce people to new musicians and bands. Or if you are musician, you can share links to websites that teach, and perhaps make videos of lessons you create yourself. Don’t be afraid that you are just a beginner, so are many other people, and they’ll be happy to learn alongside with you. Having audio or video content is very popular on a website.

If you are a foodie, well that’s easy, people are always looking for tasty things to eat and love to read about people experimenting and creating new recipes. Good health and nutrition is a hot topic as well.

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Are you a photographer? Show off your photos. What do you take photos of? There is money to be made from other website makers, as a product image photographer. If you enjoy stage directing people, then a wedding photographer website will get a lot of hits. Nature photographs, cats and dogs, weather, sports, people have made great websites with simple skills depicting topics such as these.

Do you have a hobby or do some form of craft? Whether you can write about embroidery or vintage cars, have a penchant for train sets or mosaics, or a talent for watercolour painting or graffiti – you’ll know more than most other people about this one thing because you have a special interest in it. So its a good idea for a website topic and there are readers out there for you.

Highly Popular Ideas for Website Topic

Popular business website topics, especially for gaining advertising revenue, include job based websites. These have niche topics such as writing resumes, handling interviews, freelance work opportunities and self development and training.

A major website group of niches is working online to make money with affiliate programs. This includes advising how to make a website, host and point domain names, training on how to get traffic to it etc.

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Money is a major group of website topics. Explaining how to make money and increase income or why to do things for your own financial security, is advice that everyone needs.  Insurance has a lot of niches such as general, house, auto, boat, wage and life insurance. Investment has sub-niches like Forex Trading and Stocks, Mutual Funds, Wills and Trust Funds. Loans and debt reduction are popular topics and lets not forget investment in real estate either. Collecting coins and other collectibles for investment is another niche.


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Matrimony and families have lots of sub-niches. Weddings are big business all the time, and there are market niches in other special occasions as well, such as christenings and graduations. The house and garden have lots of topics to choose from, gardening, interior decoration with all its specifics, and renovations.

Families and individuals need advice about all types of life topics through all the ages and stages we go through. We also need advice for coping with our pets! So if you can talk teen and be their agony aunt, have any insight into being a solo parent, or appeal to seniors and help them cope, then you’ll be doing a great service as well as finding your niche website topic.

Travel and sports are popular website topics.

From camping to luxury accommodation, who doesn’t sometimes Google a holiday search query? There’s fishing and canoeing, bike riding and mountain climbing, all the geography of the World to specialize in. This includes your own local corner of the World, which you probably know back to front, but it is probably a quite exotic holiday destination to someone who lives elsewhere.

Too many website topic ideas to choose?

First of all you’ll find it easier to research and write articles if you enjoy the topic and know something about it. So I recommend you start your first website with something you know well. Maybe something related to the job you do, or one you have done, or to a hobby, sport or craft you enjoy.

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If not you, what about people you are close to. Can you pick the brains of someone you know. Does your uncle make rocking horses? Does your aunt grow the most divine smelling roses?Is your cousin a barista who makes coffee with the fancy patterns in the froth.

The benefit of this, if they are willing, is that you can interview them on video.You have visual content as well as text, and you are tapping into niche markets that have enthusiasts and fanatics as members.

To get ideas for content when you’ve picked a possible topic, go looking for blogs and forums and read the comments there. See what problems people are having and how other people suggest they fix these problems. Ideas blossom like weeds in discussion boards, and people bare their souls looking for answers. If you have the answers, make a website and put them out of their misery!

Topics are plentiful, what is needed is choice and commitment. You won’t always get it right, when you pick a topic for a website, but that’s ok. No-one gets it right every time, especially at first. But each step you take improves your skills and hones your judgement. And its fun!






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