How (and Why) To Like, Share, Comment & Follow at Facebook, Google+, Linked In, Twitter, Uncle Tom Cobley and All

Sometimes it feels like our friends and colleagues are divided into two groups. Those who use facebook and those who don’t.

facebook friends like share and comment

facebook friends like share and comment

Those who don’t use facebook believe that those who do use facebook want to snoop around your personal life, check out your photos, play stupid games or steal your identity, and generally believe they are superior because they have a life and are not dependent on facebook for their entertainment.

They may or may not know what you mean by the words like, share, comment and follow but they aren’t interested to know more.

Whereas most facebook friends generally know how to like share comment and follow or at least aren’t afraid to give it a go. They often enjoy facebook games as much as they do any other relaxing game. They think they are superior because they get it and are trying to keep up with it all.

They may occasionally check out their friends photo albums and profiles, but in general they use facebook to have an occasional status whinge, wish each other Happy Birthday close to that time, and occasionally to catch up with people they lost touch with years ago and didn’t think they’d ever see again.

There are people who believe Google is the Oracle and use Facebook as their social secretary. Then there are spammers and stalkers and marketers and strangers online but in general they are looking for people with money who look like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, so most of us are quite safe. Assuming you are old enough to remember  -say Windows 98, you may realize that everything is a lot easier now (compared to then) or you may just feel that all the choices are a kaleidoscope of confusion.

Most of us are just fumbling along learning about social media like facebook as we go. We often feel like a dinosaur when we don’t know something basic but honestly, we need to worry less and try things out more. Learning how to use like share comment and follow is really quite easy.

The highest stumbling block most people will have is joining social media websites in the first place. So my first advice is to employ a teenager , they will get it all done in 5 minutes and save you hours of time worrying about it. If they are a nice teenager, have them make a profile picture for you as well and show you the ropes.If your teen is ungracious go to YouTube and learn how to do things by searching for a video on it like the one below.

How to Like, Share, Comment

So to LIKE you click the LIKE button. To SHARE click the SHARE button and under a picture, video, or status and then this will appear on your own wall so your friends will see it. To COMMENT click COMMENT and a box will open where you can type in a few words so you are participating in a small discussion. FOLLOW, or FRIEND is when you add a person profile to your friend area, which means that if they accept you as a friend, what they do on Facebook will become available for you to see.

The video above shows you how to do a lot more things than like, share and comment but just for facebook. If you want to TWEET, (comment) you’ll need to join TWITTER. Google have their own social media website called Google Plus but the principles are very similar. You join the social media web site, add friends to your profile, and like, share and comment on what they do there.

Same goes for LinkedIn (Business), MySpace (Music) or any other social media or content sharing website with a community Picasa (Photos), YouTube (Videos) Pinterest (Pictures).

Why to Like, Share, Comment

Answering WHY is a bit harder….. but it’s one of the most important things to know.

Some people do do it just for fun! They are interacting with friends and colleagues online and are using social media to keep in touch and share information. Other people can’t imagine why it’s fun for these people, but it just is!

Then a fair percentage of people are starting to understand that the World is changing rapidly and we all have to get a handle on the way the Internet works. The conclusions they will be drawing eventually are as follows…

  1. Print media is fast becoming less useful for advertising
  2. A business website is as essential as a phone number
  3. Every website needs to be optimised and promoted to compete
  4. Current promotional techniques are using social media signals

Therefore likes, shares, comments, are friends and followers – that are lead to a business website from any social media page – and these “social signals” are an essential part of any promotional strategy (due to Google measuring their quantity) to keep your website prominent for good search terms for your business, in order to bring your business new leads in a future where print advertising may be totally ineffective.

That’s the why and the how, now all you need is a strategy to start using this information. Don’t wait for that, just start!

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