3 Simple Website Ideas That Make Money

“If you build it they will come”, the line from Kevin Costner’s film, is often used about websites. They may come, but if you want to make money from them, you’d better be ready to charge admission in some way!

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Of course the best things in life are FREE and the Internet is one of these best things, so don’t go shouting BUY THIS on every page. But advertising is an accepted part of most published media, so here are 3 simple website ideas that make money.

Because whatever your reason to have a website is, it has costs.

If your website is an advertisement or a brochure for your company, then displaying advertising may not be a suitable addition to your website.The ads that will display will often be from competing firms, and you don’t really want that!

But if you are choosey about it – why not?

If you publish helpful posts on a regular basis, such as in a blog, or you have a column on your website for industry news, use some simple advertising in the sidebar or in the post to make some money and defray those costs.

The biggest websites on the Internet make their money from publishing advertising. So why not you? You just need to find complementary advertising, rather than competing.

1. Google AdSense

The easiest way to publish advertising and make a little extra money is to sign up for Google AdSense. They give you a block of code which defines the size of your advertisement, and this is normally placed in the website template for the sidebar. The code feeds back to Google what your page is about and some form of relevant advertisement is displayed.

If a visitor is interested and clicks on the add, you are credited with a percentage of the cost Google charges the advertiser. It isn’t much per click varying from an average between 5c and $3.00 per click. If you have high traffic this can add up ok. Don’t expect to live high on AdSense income alone though unless you make a lot of high traffic websites. You need to earn just over a hundred dollars before AdSense pay out, and some people say it takes 6 months to a year to make this with a single website.

2. Sponsored Advertisements

If you deal with other companies on a regular basis, then it makes all the sense in the World to offer them advertising on your website for a fee. If they have a website, you could barter the fee. You can charge more to review them, endorse them, feature them. Whatever you are comfortable with. Sometimes websites will also approach you for an advertising opportunity. It’s simple to set up a page on a website to define and explain terms and to take payment.

3. Affiliate or Partner Programs

Where there are complementary products available from a company who has set up an affiliate program, there is an opportunity to make some relatively easy money by displaying an affiliate link to their website. If a visitor on your site clicks through and makes a purchase, you get a commission. The Amazon program is a big example of this type of affiliate advertising, and Clickbank is another. But there are many, many huge companies who have lesser well known affiliate programs to choose from.

Likewise, an affiliate program is something that is good to set up for your business. You choose the type of program but in general, it requires a click, or a lead, or a sale, for your affiliate to get paid. So it’s like employing people to advertise you on their websites at commission only rates.

Websites are a publishing medium and they go hand in hand with advertising opportunities. They may not pay your mortgage but they might pay for your website hosting fees.

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