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Julie Francis lives in Australia on the Central Coast in NSW with her husband and boys. She and her family migrated from England in 1969, landing at Circular Quay on Christmas Eve and accommodated in Lane Cove.

Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson

As a young adult she was a painter (of pictures) and a poet. She would have liked to play the flute standing on one leg a la Ian Anderson, or the piano – something other than chopsticks, but she has learned to play a few tunes on a guitar over the years.¬† Her brother Ian Francis became a professional guitarist and is a wonderful singer songwriter. Julie recently started playing guitar again and has added to her repertoire, but isn’t good enough to perform for a better audience than Misty and Tzar. The sound of a classical guitar is a magical and soothing meditation for the soul though.


Julie is an avid reader. She stumbled into working in bookstores, while browsing in them after leaving school. She started as a junior at the city store of Australia’s traditional major book store group, Angus & Robertson. When she moved to the coast from Sydney, she worked ten years for an Angus & Roberson franchise. Her last position was with Borders, the American book group whose Australian branch was later bought out by A&R. This extravagant purchase eventually tipped the A&R book group into liquidation. Very sad…

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During her working life she became an experienced, knowledgeable and respected bookseller. A high point of working in bookshops, that was most enjoyable to her, is always knowing what’s new. Another high point, sadly missed, was a discount on the cost of books!

The internet changed many businesses in ways that are only just becoming obvious. Books will always be available but like post offices and newspapers, booksellers may have to adapt to a different model of sales.

However, the internet trumped bookselling. Especially with the lure of a work at home, sit down, eat when you’re feeling hungry type of job! (even if that meant 12 hour days sometimes)

 Julie Francis Website Designer & Consultant

Julie FrancisA writer, artist and ex bookseller Julie Francis is now website designer and consultant, making websites and promoting them for small businesses . As you can see, she didn’t start out be a website designer. That started as a hobby when she realized that bookselling wasn’t a stable occupation anymore. She has learned the best strategies through trial and error from up to date information that is only available from people actually doing it, on the Internet. Through her life she came to value such experience .

Julie studied hard from resources on the internet and created websites first for herself . She will always have great respect for and be grateful to those open source software writers who share their knowledge so freely. Imagine if the Internet could really change something like this in the World. Yeah, she is a dreamer.

She now specialises in a content management system called WordPress.

In a really competitive market it takes time and imagination to succeed, and you have to be able to compete. Sometimes you can’t do everything yourself. Julie now has a team of freelancers on hand to help with bigger projects or when a specialist¬† is needed.

She continues making websites for herself which generate money from publishing advertising and product sales. She now enjoys the challenge of making a variety of websites for other people though. Not just websites either, but Facebook pages and other social media profiles. She also uses the techniques of optimising websites for search engines in order for them to rank for specific keyword searches, and has become a fan of Google Plus.

DIY Websites

Screenshot of DIY Websites

Julie Francis is a passionate WordPress fan. She created DIY Websites for those intrepid adventurers who also want to know how to make their own website using WordPress (in 29 steps with video tutorials).

Always interested in writing, Julie writes a lot of articles for websites. Always into colour and design, she enjoys creating colour themes and layouts for websites. Ever practical, she designs highly functional websites for small business that enables them to leverage the Internet to gain more clients.

If you need a website made or updated, or a new strategy, contact Julie today for a consultation or website audit.




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