Fixing Pond Leaks & New Goldfish

a frog visits our pond

I love our pets but they do make a lot of extra work. We have a big backyard for our German Shepherd Tsar and a courtyard with a goldfish pond, and a blue eyed cat called Misty who goes where he pleases. You can see pictures of them all below. Tsar often crosses his front paws like this, which I think makes him look very elegant. Misty was a pure white kitten when he was born, a throwback burmese, the only white kitten in a litter of otherwise grey domestic shorthairs. His pale blue eyes and white chest are all that is left now he has grown up. Fixing Pond Leaks At the start of Spring our pond sprung a leak which required us to drain the pond, reseal it – fixing the pond leaks, replanting the waterlily and introducing new goldfish. Our pond has a lightly concrete rendered base…

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How To Like Share Comment & Follow

How (and Why) To Like, Share, Comment & Follow at Facebook, Google+, Linked In, Twitter, Uncle Tom Cobley and All Sometimes it feels like our friends and colleagues are divided into two groups. Those who use facebook and those who don’t. Those who don’t use facebook believe that those who do use facebook want to snoop around your personal life, check out your photos, play stupid games or steal your identity, and generally believe they are superior because they have a life and are not dependent on facebook for their entertainment. They may or may not know what you mean by the words like, share, comment and follow but they aren’t interested to know more. Whereas most facebook friends generally know how to like share comment and follow or at least aren’t afraid to give it a go. They often enjoy facebook games as much as they do any other…

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Social Media Website Integration – Top 6 Sites

Social media website integration with your website – the top six social media sites. Which to choose to have a profile on and why.

Central Coast Professionals LinkedIn Group Meeting

Yesterday I met some people from the Central Coast Professionals LinkedIn group at the meeting hosted by¬† Kymn at Foresters Beach. I wasn’t sure what to expect as it was my first “networking” event through a social media website, but it turned out to be a lot of fun and very interesting. Possibly due to the timing at 4.00pm in the afternoon, this wasn’t a big group of people, but that made it easier to talk to the people who could make it and do a little brainstorming. Kymn started the¬†Central Coast Professionals Linkedin group about 3 years ago so she could meet more local people on LinkedIn. She was quick to reassure those who haven’t been to a group meeting before, that she has no agenda to market to us. She is simply offering the opportunity to meet and talk to people in local business in a social setting….

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Did The Earth Move?

Yesterday the Central Coast had an earthquake and I missed it!

Brochure Website – WordPress or HTML?

I heart WordPress

Brochure website HTML or brochure website Wordpress? They are both excellent choices. But each have their pluses or minuses.The main difference is editing – so ask yourself whether or not you want to edit your own website.

Mr Bean London You Tube Removed – Olympic Dreams 2012

Mr Bean is always fun, being the naughty selfish child inside us all. I loved the London 2012 opening ceremony it was whimsical and wonderful and respectful and insightful. I also loved this “mr bean london youtube” video till it was removed…

Colour Ideas For Websites

flower background

This article introduces some great online tools that will help you when you are looking for website ideas for colour schemes and backgrounds. These tools help you create a simple colour palette and thing about ideas for other website design elements.

Ideas To Promote Your Website

How you promote your webiste doesn’t really matter at first, but it’s imperative that you DO promote. So to get visitors and readers and customers and clients to come to your domain – you’ll need these easy to do ideas to promote your website.

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