Social Media Website Integration – Top 6 Sites

Social media website integration with your website – the top six social media sites. Which to choose to have a profile on and why.

Central Coast Professionals LinkedIn Group Meeting

Yesterday I met some people from the Central Coast Professionals LinkedIn group at the meeting hosted by¬† Kymn at Foresters Beach. I wasn’t sure what to expect as it was my first “networking” event through a social media website, but it turned out to be a lot of fun and very interesting. Possibly due to the timing at 4.00pm in the afternoon, this wasn’t a big group of people, but that made it easier to talk to the people who could make it and do a little brainstorming. Kymn started the¬†Central Coast Professionals Linkedin group about 3 years ago so she could meet more local people on LinkedIn. She was quick to reassure those who haven’t been to a group meeting before, that she has no agenda to market to us. She is simply offering the opportunity to meet and talk to people in local business in a social setting….

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Ideas To Promote Your Website

How you promote your webiste doesn’t really matter at first, but it’s imperative that you DO promote. So to get visitors and readers and customers and clients to come to your domain – you’ll need these easy to do ideas to promote your website.