Brochure Website – WordPress or HTML?

I heart WordPress

Brochure website HTML or brochure website Wordpress? They are both excellent choices. But each have their pluses or minuses.The main difference is editing – so ask yourself whether or not you want to edit your own website.

Colour Ideas For Websites

flower background

This article introduces some great online tools that will help you when you are looking for website ideas for colour schemes and backgrounds. These tools help you create a simple colour palette and thing about ideas for other website design elements.

Ideas To Promote Your Website

How you promote your webiste doesn’t really matter at first, but it’s imperative that you DO promote. So to get visitors and readers and customers and clients to come to your domain – you’ll need these easy to do ideas to promote your website.

Ideas for Website Topic

Your reason for making a website generally defines the topic of it, but your personality with it’s unique likes and dislikes are the best place to start if you want new website topic ideas. The best topic for you is the one you know. As well as hobbies, crafts, job experience and personal interests, you can start researching new topics. Popular business website topics that are good for gaining advertising revenue, include financial topics such as insurance and investment, anything to do with improving your job like writing resumes and training, and family type advice, coping with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune…

Website Layout Ideas

When we talk about website layout ideas designers often immediately start thinking about graphic elements. I believe that useability, SEO, and the opinions of human readers, matter more than the graphic design of the home page. Sacrilege I know! In fact I’d go so far as to say that apart from a colour scheme and a logo, you are better to wait a while until your website has some content on it, before you start o the home page…

Website Ideas For Domain Names

When you make a new website the first thing to get started on are website ideas for domain names. It’s time to put on your thinking cap, grab your notepad, organize some friends or family to come over and start brainstorming website names. Before you get too carried away though, read this article to learn more about domain name extensions, word combinations, keywords that could be included and where to register your domain name.