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It would take a more complex mind than mine and a team of employees to set a price for every aspect of each individual website service that I offer my clients. Why price each service then renegotiate that price with clients for package deals?

I quote on an estimated hourly rate, over about a week for which I generally charge $1550.00. A basic complete website price starts at $750.00.

Most new websites take from 2 days to about a week to complete. Sometimes that actual “week of work time” may be spread out over several weeks.

Many page and graphic services can be done in a couple of hours, so assume about  $95.00  for something small and $395 for something that takes a full day.

Remember I have office costs for materials and hosting fees and electricity bills, as well as a decent wage for skill and time and you’ll see its a pretty reasonable rate.

If you’re not convinced feel free to compare, factoring in hidden monthly hosting charges and extras that some designers fail to mention you’ll need.

I’ll give you a fair and competitive price for what you want done and I look after my clients when they need maintenance work done or they ask for help.

How Clients Can Save Time & Money

I am a website and Internet marketing consultant not simply a web designer whose job stops at website publication. Ask me what I can do to solve your marketing problems, to offer you online tools or increase your customers…

A service estimate is given after a genuine consultation with a new client. I ask you a lot of questions and you tell me what you want to achieve. I quote for what will best serve your business whether its a small website or a large one.

Services take time, conserve my time and you save money. I like the client who is prepared by quickly getting together any text and graphics needed for their website. I charge a retainer of $20 a week to encourage you to not drag out the project after accepting my quote. Knowing what you want saves money and gets your website or service done quickly. We both benefit from this.

For example, go web-surfing online beforehand and find me 1-3 websites that you really like and what you like about them. Don’t wait for me to tell you to do this.

Know what you want to achieve with your website. Know what you want to spend. Know how much time you have to learn – if any – about using any specific website service. DON’T worry about what you don’t know, making websites is my job! Yours is to convey to me what your marketing problems are and all about what you do so I can make your website tell your business story really well.