Capture, Contact, Coupon – the 3C Approach To Using Christmas Crowds to Start Smart Marketing

This is a short page because i haven’t time to write a long one yet, sorry. It’s coming but I’m busy!

The long and short of this offer is to put in place a way to

  1. Capture the emails of your customers
  2. Contact Your customers by sending them emails
  3. Coupon your customers so they return

The Three C’s .

Sounds like work? No its not, really. All you need to do is have your staff ask people for their name and email so you can send them a coupon now and then with a special offer. Most will say yes please, some will not, no big deal. They write their email down for you, you check you can read it and its correct, and that’s it to the capture process.

Step 2 is where I come in. I setup an autoresponder for you which handles the list and delivery of emails and does everything so that it is compliant with spam laws and doesn’t get you into trouble. You either send me the emails on paper or enter the emails you have received online so they get attached to the autoresponder.

Step 3 is where you have to do a little work. You’ll define a coupon offer to send to your list once a month. I’ll create a graphic for it and text, make the system happen so it works easily, and make sure it gets sent out to your list. People who want to take you up on your deal, will ring and book quoting the coupon number or similar, or just come in with a copy of the coupon and you get repeat customers and they have a good time.

Why Christmas?

You’ll never get more people through the door than in December so take advantage of the traffic and their Christmas goodwill to build your list now. I know you’ll be super busy and you won’t want to take the time to ask people for their email but I have a solution for that too. Just ask me…

Contact me and I’ll tell you all about it.

$195 to set up and $95 every month to create the special offer
coupon and to send it out for you to your list.

The October Special?

If you also get the Facebook October Special Offer Set Up
I will post a Facebook coupon monthly for the same price.

2 for 1 deal on the monthly recurring cost to do coupon
marketing with autoresponder and Facebook.