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Facebook is complex and using Facebook for marketing is both easy and very hard depending on what you want to accomplish. Stage 1 is easy – you create a page from your normal personal profile membership area. You fill in an about page for your business.

Stage 1 is really about your business “being there”

The hardest thing about stage 1 is deciding who should own the Facebook page and then having that person create a Timeline Page for the business. If you can make a graphic or two for the page and fill in some data, it’s relatively easy to do. If you want graphics made and someone to do the set up making good choices, I offer a Facebook business page service as a basic service pack with related graphics for $95.00.

If you want to use custom graphics that reinforce your brand these will be sized and adapted to fit Facebook’s requirements.


Stage 2 is a Facebook tab that leads to a website, displays of content, capture of email etc.

Tabs are the more complex part of facebook pages. These have to have an app built to link website content to the page via the tab. To create a tab app and the content varies a lot in what people want to display, but I averagely charge $295 for setting a tab up on a Facebook page correctly .  You would need a tab to capture email addresses for a campaign

Another service is the creation of content to be uploaded to the Facebook page each month. As needs vary so much with this one, its a quoted service.

Just send an email or get in touch by phone to start building a community of fans for your business via a Facebook Page.