If you don’t have a clue why your business needs a website then consider the following facts…

“I Know I Need a Website For My Business!  I Just Don’t Have The Time Or The Money To Get Started…”

I’m pretty sure you have thought “I need a website for my business” at least once. I’m also fairly certain that people who don’t yet have a website think this very often. Maybe every week even, but they just don’t find time to do something about it.

When conversations turn to the Internet and social media websites… When you read the newspaper or a magazine and see the “visit our website” text at the end of every article…

When you are handed yet another business card and told to check something on their website, well then you’d have to be hiding under a rock not to have wondered what owning your own website might do for your business.

No one has the time btw.
We make time…

As to money, if you have to rob Peter to pay Paul, I know where you are coming from. I lost the job I’ve done most of my life due to a combination of no longer being physically capable of doing it and my growing fascination with the Internet.

This is a new business, I’m 55 and just starting out, so I don’t have walk in traffic as I did in my last job. I have to advertise for customers.

The statistics on newspapers say that their distribution has dropped to 1950’s levels.

You have to be on the Internet.

Maybe it won’t be your best form of advertising but you still have to be there, and you really want to start using it’s tools to build a customer list you can market to.

So do I…

Spend money to do this now, and maybe advertising costs will be less of an issue next year.

Send me an email, and ask for more information. I dare you!
Give me a chance to help you.

Guwac article Business websites are a mustYour Own Website Offers 24/7 Targeted Controllable Promotion

A good website certainly costs money to make and needs a certain amount of ongoing promotion especially if there are competing websites. This said, a website saves costs.

Consider your answers to these questions…

  1. How many different forms of media do you spread your advertising over?
  2. What amount do you currently spend each month on advertising?
  3. If your website was an employee, how much would you pay for 24/7 hours?
  4. How many simple queries (opening hours, location etc) do your staff field?
  5. How much do colour brochures and catalogues cost you?
  6. Do you know – really understand – what a website has to offer you? 

Ask how targeted is the advertising you are currently paying for…

Forbes Article - Small Business Gotta Have A Website

 If you have no idea why you or your business needs a website, or if you ‘parked’ a static website several years ago and haven’t updated it since,  then consider this.

Your website can work as hard as 3 employees, passively make sales, and convey your message without you having to say a word. Isn’t it time to update your attitude about owning a website?

What Can You Promote On Your Own Website?

Promote Yourself

  • Promote Your Services
  • Promote Your Organization
  • Promote Your Products
  • Promote Your Ideas
  • Promote Your Events
  • Promote A Community
  • Promote A Brand
  • Promote A Location
  • Promote Solutions

It’s your website, you can promote whatever you want as long as it stays within legal publishing guidelines. The web is open to anyone, to make a website about anything. Maybe you already have a website. Often people ‘park’ their website and forget to take it out for a spin.  Its there, and its static and rather boring… Your website probably needs to be updated and refreshed. But what you are thinking is…

Shouldn’t I have a Facebook page now, or a Twitter page?

Matchstick Article on the dangers of abandoning your website for facebook

As a person I love Facebook, it keeps me in touch with people from my past and gets me in touch with people internationally. People I might never otherwise have got to know, however shallow this contact might seem. I have made and do make Business Facebook pages, but what is really frustrating is that often people have to log in to Facebook to see them. Facebook also restrict you to their format and their advertising.

Likewise I like Linked In for networking with business contacts. I enjoy Pinterest – it’s fun and addictive and often makes me smile.  I believe that Google + is going to be as important as Facebook soon, especially for local business. I like Blogger and WordPress as tools for free blogs.

In some ways the answer is yes, you should have social media profiles – but

None of these web properties really belong to YOU.

You are merely renting space there, and spending your time building a presence on a web property that could disappear tomorrow. Just like a newspaper ad, a weekly cost for paper that gets binned weekly. It may be easier to add photographs to Facebook or Google Plus and to share videos using You Tube, that’s good for a hobby. Honestly though if you are going to have social media profiles for business, you also need some form of strategy on how to use them. You need a hub with functions that you have control over.

NOTHING replaces your own website, because your own website is totally yours.

Customer Think Article on reasons why facebook does not matter more than your company website.

NOT Google+ You Tube Facebook Linked In Twitter Pinterest MySpace Digg Bebo or anyone who offers you a FREE website. It may sound a bit crude, but the website you own is your ‘mouth’. What it says about you, is what people hear.

If you are not online – that is if you don’t have even a one page website yet- what you are saying is I don’t care about people online. When you say to people you don’t care, they turn right round and say neither do I!

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Your own website is the best return on the advertising dollar you can spend, but you do have to spend a few dollars to get a return on it.

Times have changed and search engines must change with the times. Google has hugely complex algorithms that SEO experts spend countless hours trying to figure out. Just what does it take to come up in search results for the terms YOUR customers will be searching with in the MSN/Yahoo/Google Search box.

It’s not all about money either although you can pay to be at the top of page 1 with Adwords.

You know yourself that when you type in a search, you lose interest in looking after about 5 minutes. Assume that five minutes is spent looking at just 3 websites, then obviously the place to be is in the first natural listings on the first page at the top. Hence those emails you have probably been spammed with saying they’ll get you on the first page of Google or at the top of Google.

Well Google’s newest algorithm just smashed many of their seo techniques – oops.

No one has control of Google unless they are employed by them. But by following best practices outlined by Google we can get our website indexed for best keywords and as we build traffic we gain a bit of page rank.

That’s 70% of the strategy and over time, with a few dollars, you can fill in the rest.

If you click on any of the pictures up there, you can read actual articles with reasons why you need a website for your business .

More than ‘a website’ however, you need an optimized website that will appear in the top three results on page 1 of Google for a very good, highly targeted search term that your clients might use to find you.

That is the start of a journey. Just turn up online and tell people who you are and then see what happens next…

If you don’t have your own website yet maybe its time to get one. You don’t have to start big – start with one page if you like. Ask me, I have plenty of website ideas for all budgets.

If you have a great website but it’s not doing much for you, then ask me about that. I have ways and means that will suit many businesses, we can just talk it over and then create a marketing plan that suits you.