I Make, Optimise & Promote Webpages & Consult/Teach

As a consultant I prefer to tailor a proposal for your business. I do a free website appraisal if you already own a website. I give a free consultation and explore what best suits your needs either by phone, skype or in person.

However when people are here appraising me, they want to know what I do and how much it costs. For this reason I have put together this  “Website Prices”

I’ve spent plenty of hours swearing my way through pages on websites looking for a price. They say if you don’t display a price it’s an indication that they probably can’t afford it and I don’t want to give you that impression!

Package or Proposal?

I’m far more comfortable designing something that is simply just for your needs, because all website projects are different.

Could be be cheaper too – even though we tend to be cynical and assume custom will cost more.

I will also make a deal with you on website creation if you want to promote your website because an ongoing client relationship is beneficial to both of us.

Setup Website

N.B. This setup website is included in all packages and creates the basic frame for any functions, links to the web, website and blog.

Basic Website Frame

  • Hosting, Email & Domain Name Setup for 1 year
  • Theme & Colour scheme to your preferences.
  • Website frame with unlimited pages and blog
  • Detailed Website Statistics setup at Analytics
  • Sitemap Submission To 3 Main Search Engines
  • Simple editing can be done online by you or staff member
  • BONUS  1 year Membership to Sitezoan Membership Website with Articles, PDF & Video Tutorials and Cheat sheets(Value $39.00 per month  – $468 per year)

Total Value – $1482.00

Price: $595.00

Standard Website

Fully Functional Website with Content

Basic Website Frame +

  • Business Keyword Research done for you
  • Premium Theme Layout suitable for your business
  • Theme Header & Layout Created With Your Brand
  • 5 Articles Specifically Written For Your Business
  • Essential Website Functions Installed & Set Up
  • Initial Navigation Menus and Content Areas Set Up
  • Website Maintenance, Hosting & Support for 12 months FREE!

Total Value of Basic + Standard – $1482.00  + $1692.00 = $3174.00

Price: $1595.00

Complete Your Website

Websites With Advanced Functionality

Standard Website +

  • Suitable Advanced Functions Set UpFunctions include
  1. eCommerce – you can sell your own products.
  2. Play video or audio from your own website,
  3. Display complex and light box enabled image galleries,
  4. Host a discussion forum,
  5. Include a mobile phone quote request utility,
  6. Include a pinboard just like Pinterest,
  7. Include a channel like You Tube
  8. Integrate email list collection and autoresponder newsletters,
  9. Run polls, competitions, offer coupons, show menus
  10. Include a booking utility…
  • Mobile Website Fully Integrated ( Value $497.00)
  • Onsite website optimisation for targeted keyword phrases
  • Lifetime Membership to Sitezoan Tutorial Website which has Articles, PDF & Video Tutorials and Cheat sheets for all aspects of Internet marketing. (Value $39.00 per month  – $468 per year)
  • One on one coaching and

Total value of a ‘Complete Website’ could be over $10,685.00

Price from : $2490.00

Price can vary from a Standard website by between an extra $500 – 5,000.00 depending on how many functions you want to include and how “custom” you need these functions to be.

Price often depends on how much data entry, graphic manipulation, video functionality or writing you need created from scratch and integrated.

Ongoing Promoted Website

Promotion Via SEO or Social Media

Ad campaigns include email collection and autoresponders, coupons, offers, reputation enhancement for reviews,  QR codes.

This package consists of an initial set up for brand creatives for website properties and continues with a monthly subscription to manage a campaign. Website promotion is an ongoing process to adjust to social media and search engine changes.

Price: Set up  $497.00.

Continuing monthly subscription of $197 .00

One social media site will be tackled each month until profiles are complete with working ad campaigns.


  • Graphic branding set up a congruent Social Media presence
  • Install and configure the top 6 social media ‘share’ buttons on your website and link to profiles as appropriate
  • Auto update status for business bloggers
  • Facebook Page, Website and Facebook Integration
  • Pinterest Page, Website and Pinterest integration
  • LinkedIn Profile, Twitter Profile, You Tube Channel
  • Google Plus, Maps and Local Places set up
  • QR code designed stationary for cards, coupons and offers
  • Upgrade Membership to Sitezoan Social Media tutorials

* Please note that someone who already owns a website that doesn’t have my basic frame, may incur costs to install the system needed to integrate my promotional techniques.

Getting Started >>>


Even when we want to do something it’s hard to know how to start after just reading a webpage isn’t it?

If you want to talk about a making a website for your business or promoting it, or social media – then start by doing one of the things in the green box…


Pick up the phone and call me : Julie on 02 4392 3301

Click on the Contact Form and email me – Ask something like

Please could you do a FREE Website Appraisal

I’d like to get a proposal for a business website.

I’d like to purchase a Basic/Standard/Complete website package

Could you send me more information about (what do you want?)
eg.      mobile websites – social media – linkedin – QR codes…

Just send an email and get in touch – no obligation.